Dimensional Ink Games has revealed the next big content update for DC Universe Online, and it’s coming to Switch sometime later this month.

DCUO fans can look forward to checking out Episode 43: DARK KNIGHTS, a direct sequel to Episode 42: Legion of Doom, in just a few days. This episode is centered on a destroyed Washington D.C. and a multiverse on the verge of collapse.

Here’s what you’ll find in Episode 43 when it goes live.

  • Event, Normal, and Elite versions of all On Duty missions: a Duo, Alert, and Raid.
  • Open world missions and bosses set in a destroyed Washington D.C..
  • Characters from “Dark Knights: Death Metal” including Perpetua, The Devastator, Darkfather, and The Murder Machine.
  • Storyline adventures set across the Multiverse, including at the Source Wall itself and in a (mostly) destroyed version of Washington D.C.
  • The new Death Metal Batman ally
  • New player rewards, including gear, styles, artifacts, and more.
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