Looking for a new way to stock up on supplies for Pokemon GO? Look no further than the new Pokemon GO Webstore! This new Webstore isn’t available in all regions yet, but promises to have exclusive deals and offers available on the site.

The stores first exlusive bundle is 24.99 and includes 2 Elite Fast TMs, 2 Elite Charged TMs, 10 Super Incubators, and 5 Premium Battle Passes. You can find that bundle here.

Check out Niantic’s announcment down below, or click here for the article.


We’re excited to announce the arrival of the new Pokémon GO Web Store! The Pokémon GO Web Store is currently available only in certain regions. More regions will be able to access the store soon.

The Pokémon GO Web Store will include limited-time deals, web-exclusive bundles, and other offers only available to Trainers through the web store. Trainers can log into the web store using their Pokémon GO credentials. Once purchased, PokéCoins will show up automatically in your Pokémon GO app!

PokéCoin bundles purchased through the web store will also include additional value by providing extra PokéCoins with each bundle. It’s the perfect place to stock up on PokéCoins before a big event—you can check out the web store here!

Trainers can access the store on any device that supports web browsers and will support additional methods of payment globally, making purchasing more accessible to all. For more information about the Pokémon GO Web Store, head to our Help Center article!


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