At the start of the month, The Pokémon Co. announced a collaboration with Japanese clothing brand Beams and artist Yu Nagaba for a series of shirts, Pokemon TCG merch, and more. Furthermore, each purchase over $7 comes with a random Pokémon TCG card featuring Eeveeolutions drawn by Yu Nagaba.

The collaboration is officially underway in Japan, and it’s led to absolute insanity at Pokémon Center locations. We’ve heard a ton about how popular the Pokémon TCG is in Japan lately, but things have reached a whole new level with this launch. The tweet below is 100% proof of that.

As you can see, Pokémon Center locations are getting absolutely swarmed as soon as they open, and fans are grabbing anything and everything they can in order to snag one of these limited edition Yu Nagaba Eeveeolution cards. All supplies have been gobbled up in a matter of minutes, as fans are looking to add these cards to their collection, and no doubt sell a few of their pickups online.

Pokémon Co. is no doubt happy to see this frenzy taking place, but it’s clear things are getting to a fevered pitch that could lead to dangerous situations. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear comment from Pokémon Co. soon on the matter, and hopefully they share news of big restocks in the future.

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