Gamedust has announced that their game Best Forklift Operator is due to launch on Nintendo Switch today!

In the games, players will be able to take the full role of a forklift operator and navigate through the environment to fulfil their tasks. Players will navigate between goods and work hard to supply factories, shops, warehouses and more. Best Forklift Operator features different game modes, such as practice and Arcade mode, that will allow players to polish their skill set before moving on to the career mode.

Depending on how precise and fast tasks are completed, players will earn rewards based on their performance, but similarly to real life any mistakes will be punished. The game draws from the reality of real life Forklift operators and conditions related to it, therefore players can count on accurate representation of the work environment.

Key Game Features:

  • In-depth tutorial to help you master the art of forklift operation
  • Test your skills by completing tasks in career mode - speed and accuracy will earn you bonuses, damaged loads carry penalties
  • Have fun in arcade mode, which will allow you to relax after a hard day’s work
  • Fight for the best scores in the extensive rankings

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