Indie game studio Made in Mavis is launching Marlon’s Mystery: The darkside of crime on Switch today. The title will be priced at $10.

Marlon’s Mystery: The darkside of crime is a captivating detective game where players can test their investigative skills by solving riddles and uncovering hidden objects. The game follows Abby Marlon and her apprentice, Jared Evans, as they are recruited by the Taylor family to investigate a murder case involving the youngest daughter, Eleanor, who has murdered her father and gotten away with the inheritance money.

To find Eleanor, Abby, and Jared must solve the mystery surrounding the family by traveling through various locations. Abby is a young woman with a past that has strengthened her sense of justice, and she has a sensitivity to art and drawing that helps her reflect on the facts before her. Jared is Abby’s apprentice who takes notes of everything others say to remember all the events of a case.

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