Hello Goodboy, the non-linear adventure game from developer Rolling Glory Jam, explores the afterlife on PC and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, May 25, 2023. On the same day Terracotta, an action-puzzle adventure from developer Appnormals, defends fellow warriors in the hereafter on Nintendo Switch thanks to publisher Freedom Games.

Journey through the familiar butt unknown throughout Hello Goodboy. Guide Iko, a newly departed boy as he meets fellow souls on their own adventures through the heavens. With no memory of what brought him to the world beyond, rely on Coco, a strangely familiar dog to solve the mysteries of this new existence. However, mind the time: there’s only so much left.

Explore a fairy tale atmosphere with a heartwarming story, as Iko and Coco make their way through the afterlife. Befriend and pay it forward to the dozens of denizens amongst the heavens including a lost, lonely child, an anxious couple, an overworked lumberjack, among other sympathetic spirits.

In Terracotta rescue the remnants of the Qin dynasty warriors after an ancient curse freezes almost all of them to icy stone. As the last living Terracotta army soldier Channel the power of Qi to master the realms of light and darkness.

Switch between Yin (dark) and Yang (light) to solve dual-sided puzzles while avoiding treacherous foes across both versions of the world. Set up kinetic solutions to problems in the shadowy Yin and take advantage of new opportunities created on the flip-side of the sunlit Yang.

Hello Goodboy will pull your heartstrings today for $14.99 with English and Chinese (Simplified) language support. Terracotta will return the Nintendo Switch to the Qin Dynasty today for $19.99 with English, Spanish, as well as Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language support.

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