Star Gagnant shoots its shot at Switch today

The latest from Master Higgins!

25 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Regista has announced that they’re bringing Star Gagnant to the Switch today. The title is priced at $38 and takes up 325 MB of space. Supervised by Takahashi Meijin (the real-life inspiration for Master Higgins in Adventure Island), Star Gagnant is a shmup with a unique rapid fire system that will blow you away!

Outfitted with a unique rapid fire system that uses a SPECIAL gauge that changes attack power, find the right approach to unique enemy patterns developed by staff and crowdfunding supporters alike! There’s even a slightly different “retro graphic” mode for the old-school enthusiasts out there.

Star Gagnant features an Arcade Mode with seven stages and 4 levels of difficulty, a Caravan Mode which gives you 2 minutes to achieve a high score, a Challenge Mode that ranks your performance, and Rapid Fire Mode where your button-pressing skills are put to the test.

The listing for Star Gagnant, a ‘Trial Version’ is mentioned, so it seems likely a demo is coming. This Trial Version includes the tutorial and Arcade Mode up to Stage 2, and you can’t access the ‘retro graphic’ mode.

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