Following the digital release announcement, publisher Selecta Play and developer Gammera Nest are pleased to announce that their 2D action adventure game Tad The Lost Explorer - Craziest and Madness Edition will also release as a retail boxed edition alongside the global digital release for Nintendo Switch on July 7th 2023.

Tad The Lost Explorer - Craziest and Madness Edition takes you on an exciting new global adventure to uncover the origins of a mysterious curse accidentally released by Tad. Join the lost explorer and his faithful companions as they travel through bustling cities on an epic journey solving intricate puzzles, facing off against crazy adversaries and reconstructing parts of the past to reveal the secrets of the Emerald Tablet.

Features of Tad The Lost Explorer - Craziest and Madness Edition

Journey across the globe on an epic adventure visiting 14 fantastic locations based on the movie, including Veracruz, Chicago, Paris and Cairo.

Four player characters; Tad, Sara, Romona and . . . the Mummy, each with their own abilities to help solve the mystery.

Jump off huge platforms, climb up buildings, reconstruct parts of the past, swim in piranha-infested waters and face off against adversaries ready to thwart your plans!

Track down locations full of puzzles and adventure, discover incredible treasures and collect all the brushes in each level.

Battle against four challenging bosses in scenarios recreated from the movie.

Learn more about the different cultures in the game by discovering relics hidden throughout the levels, and remember to get a souvenir stamp from each country you vist.

Follow the adventures of Tad and his companions in fun comics you’ll find along the way, containing hidden clues and winks to the movie.

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