Fortnite is no stranger to unique collaborations. The game has seen all sorts of skins, emotes, and gameplay tie-ins with all sorts of unique entertainment properties, and yet another interesting collab is now available.

Fans of the Coachella music and arts festival can now get their fix in Fortnite with all sorts of content. From now until May 16th, 2022, Fortnite players can experience the following.

  • turn to Icon Radio in your Joyride vehicle for a line-up of artists featured in Coachella
  • Coachella-themed items in the Item Shop
  • Finfin Back Bling (included with the Outfit), Neon Biter Pickaxe, and Finfin Flair Wrap
  • the Wilder Outfit comes with the Cosmic Equalizer alt Style, which is reactive to music
  • Lyric Outfit with cactus Swaguaro Back Bling (included with the Outfit) and Festival Shredder Pickaxe.
  • the Lyric Outfit comes with the reactive Cosmic Equalizer alt Style
  • second wave of items drops on Thursday, April 21, at 8 PM ET
  • this wave includes the Alto and Poet Outfits (both music-reactive) and matching accessories
  • Alto’s matching accessories are the festive, music-reactive Sonic Vibes Back Bling (included with the Outfit) and the tropical Softest Electropalm Pickaxe
  • Poet has the Cosmonautic Helmet Back Bling (included with the Outfit), with the Cactical Crusher Pickaxe, and Mainstage Wrap
  • Coachella-themed loading screen
  • Coachella Fortography event

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