Two new games for the Rune Factory series were announced during today’s Marvelous Games Showcase, these titles being ‘Rune Factory: Project Dragon’ and ‘Rune Factory 6’.

Rune Factory: Project Dragon is a spinoff set in the eastern lands showing a brand new artstyle to the series inspired in Japanese aesthetics. These lands have been mentioned in previous games, but this is the first time players will be able to explore them and their culture. The game is set to deliver a unique experience separate from other titles, while expanding on the familiar mechanics everyone expects. Dragons will also play a big role in this new game, but details were not shared to avoid spoiling the surprises.

Rune Factory 6, the next title in the main series, will take place in the western continent of Adonea. No more details were shared about this entry, but they did share that since one game is set on the East and the other one on the West, they are taking the series to unexplored territory.

It hasn’t been confirmed if these titles will be available on Switch yet, but we are hopeful considering the previous game, Rune Factory 5, did come to Switch last year.

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