An explosion of news for Ys X: Nordics has just come in, and it all starts with a teaser commercial that you can check out above.

Along with this, Falcom also revealed the Ys X: Nordics “Adol Christin Edition.” This limited edition package will include the following goodies:

  • A physical copy of Ys X: Nordics\
  • Ys X: Nordics Original Soundtrack mini – Mini soundtrack with carefully selected collection of in-game music.
  • Downloadable Content “Legendary Cleria Armor” for Adol Christin – Downloadable content that allows you to equip the legendary Cleria Armor, which Adol utilized in his adventure of the ancient kingdom of Ys (Ys II).
  • Ys X: Nordics original logo pin – A stylish pin with an antique finish, themed after the logo of Ys X: Nordics.
  • Ys X: Nordics visual card set – Multiple cards with high-resolution illustrations inspired by Adol’s adventure from Ys X: Nordics.
  • Ys X: Nordics original crossbody sling bag (Adol Christin model) – Limited-edition crossbody sling bag created from the ground up using “the journey of adventurer Adol Christin” as a concept as its design.

No matter what version of the game you get, there will also be a first-print bonus “The One Enchanted by Pikkards” DLC. The description for that DLC is as follows:

A strange armor set with accessories made by the people of Obelia Bay, who love Pikkards. Aside from being able to change Adol and Karja’s armor to the “Pikkard Suit,” you can also equip them with the “Pikkard Sling” on their backs. By combining the two together, it can feel like you have a father-son Pikkard relationship (“The Pikkard Suit” and “Pikkard Sling” will be reflected in the in-game events as well).

Finally, Falcom also shared some new character profiles and gameplay details, which you can find below (h/t Gematsu).


■ Four Important New Supporting Characters in Ys X: Nordics

Leif Yvelise (voiced by Wataru Hatano)

Age: 17

A boy who commutes out of town rather than working near his home in Karnack. He is a childhood friend of Glen and Cruz. While he often acts like a teenager, joking around with Glen and Rosalind and teasing each other, there are times when he unexpectedly shows his mature side. He seems to avoid any contact with his family when he returns to his hometown, and even does not seem to go near their house.

Mirabel Asarad (voiced by Kana Asumi)

Age: 21

A nurse who works at her father’s clinic in Karnack. She is cheerful and good-natured, but also is very courageous, as she was able to naturally speak with Karja, the Pirate Princess. Glen and others are indebted to her, as she took care of them since childhood, and so she is someone they can never go against. She understands them well, and watches over their growth.

Lila (voiced by Shion Wakayama)

Age: ??

A mysterious woman who gives Adol the power of Mana and prophecies, through a strange conch shell that Adol picked up on the beaches of Karnack. According to her, she is somewhere in Obelia Bay, and asks Adol for help.

Nameless Old Man (voiced by Shigeru Chiba)

Age: ??

A large old man who lives alone in a small hut, while tending a field in some small island. When Adol comes to his island, the old man teaches him how to use Mana and how to prepare for battle. However, he has forgotten everything about himself, including his name.

■ Explore the Immense Obelia Bay with Your Ship, The Sandras

In Ys X: Nordics, a player can pilot their own ship and explore Obelia Bay after obtaining the vessel Sandras. The information acquired throughout the town and nautical chart will lead the way through the immense area. You will be sailing towards unknown islands while battling enemy ships on the open ocean.

Naval Controls

On the open sea, the left stick will provide free movement, with the ability for automatic propulsion. In addition, using mana to perform “Mana Sail,” it is possible to thrust the Sandras with increased speed for a limited amount of time.

Naval Warfare with Enemy Ships

At times, you will encounter naval battles with ships ran by the immortal Griegers. During battle, you must navigate the Sandras, all the while using different artillery rounds depending on the situation. Each type has their own features.

—Iron Cannon

  • Normal rounds that lack speed and burst.
  • Despite limitless ammo, it is not suited for battles against small ships that require higher accuracy.

—Rapid Shell

  • Rounds that have high burst and high accuracy.
  • The power of these rounds can be felt most during battles against ships with high speed and mobility.

—Flame Ball

  • Rounds that cause fire combustion upon impact.
  • Although the base numbers for these rounds are not high, they are able to continuously eat away at HP and durability.

Merchant Ship

While out exploring Obelia Bay, once you confirm a distant ship as a “merchant ship” with your eyeglass, you can bring the ship alongside it and trade items directly. You can purchase using gold, or by trading materials that you found while exploring. There just might be rare items that can only be obtained through “merchant ships.”

Beware the fake merchant ship!

At Obelia Bay, you might run into fake merchant ships ran by Griegers. If you fall for their trap and attempt to do business, it will instead take you straight into battle. Be careful!


Some stronger enemy ships have durability. Once that durability has been depleted due to the Sandras’ attacks, the enemy ship will cease moving. It is during this time that the player can directly board the enemy ship and attack. Aboardage will be in the form of normal battles of Adol and Karja, but on the ship’s deck. Winning the battle will allow you to loot the ship for enemy treasures and rare items.

Ship Upgrades and Sailor Training

During your adventure, there is a proposal document with a list of ship upgrades and training for sailors. By administering these upgrades and training, it is possible to strengthen the parameters of the Sandras and armament.

Aside from raising the levels of attack power, durability, and maneuverability, you can also improve the performance of “Mana Sail.” In addition, after completing certain items on the proposal document, the Sandras will be able to equip new weapons.

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