Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Meridian4 join forces with Indie developer R_Games to announce the forthcoming release of Replikator, a challenging, eventful and addictive overhead shooter. Launching on Switch today, this roguelite presentation combines fast gameplay in an ongoing experience of discovering a mystery of a deadly saga of what occurred at a research complex.

Replikator offers shooter fans a sci-fi setting where gameplay centers around exploring the intricate labyrinths of space stations and fighting with hordes of enemies. Dozens of weapons and implants (passive skills) help the player but a sharp eye and evasive movement are also required to avoid hail of bullets and monsters that lurk. If the player’s character dies, then he will be reborn at the very beginning, but thanks to the resources found, he will be able to buy permanent improvements that will help him move forward in the next run.

It appears that an accident occurred at the classified research complex, which led to the death of all personnel but all is not quite clear. A group of mercenaries led by the smuggler Khan will have to find out the reason for what happened.

To keep explosive action ‘unpredictably’ challenging, station mazes and items in them are generated procedurally, so each attempt is essentially unique. Gradually, the player will find blueprints of new items as well as finding entries from the crew of the complex which will reveal what happened here. At the same time, the player has the main goal - to get to the Replicator and defeat it.

The player needs to complete 12 levels, including 5 bosses and as the player progresses the challenge becomes harder so many attempts may be required! Constant battles with ‘bosses’ with new attacks and moves as they become stronger will have to be faced! During the exploration of the stations, the player will find nanocubes that remain with him after death.

They can be spent on the purchase of permanent improvements - for example, you can increase the maximum supply of ammunition or open access to a new workbench to improve weapons.

Replikator delivers masses of new content as the game progresses, and action is unashamedly fast, precise and deadly!. This twin stick shooter is red hot with hordes of crazy and blood thirsty enemies out to get you or one of the playable characters you select - of which there are 4! Top down action has never been so demanding, so can you win out?

‘The game is designed for one player. Approx 8-9 hours will be enough to defeat the last boss, however, it may take 30 or more hours to study all the content.

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