The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been an astronomical hit, now sitting at the third highest-grossing animated movie of all-time. There’s been tons of praise from movie-goers on just about every aspect of the film, but the ‘Peaches’ musical performance from Bowser has taken on a life of its own.

Jack Black’s unique vocal stylings brought ‘Peaches’ itself and Bowser to life in an extremely entertaining way, and it’s no surprise to see kids really latching on to the song. You can see proof of that in the series of videos below, which showcase a talent show performance of the movie song.

TikTok user @jessicawillis259 shared the videos of her daughter performing ‘Peaches’ while decked out in a Bowser costume head to toe. From the drawback of the curtain to the final notes, the audience is 110% loving what they’re seeing/hearing. It warms the heart of even this old curmudgeon!


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