Wylde Flowers has been updated to Ver. 1.5.2, which includes the Fabulous Farming expansion. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

  • Animal Growth Booster and Mistletoe can now be purchased in year 2 without having completed “A Fab-Yule-Ous Winter Ritual”.
  • “A Fab-Yule-Ous Winter Ritual” can be completed in any Winter in year 2 or later, instead of only during the second winter feast.
  • “Good Duck With That” and “Fountain Of Youths” quests can now start in any season, instead of limited to Fall and Winter, respectively.
  • Updated descriptions of magical animal items to make it clearer which type of animal produces them (English only).
  • We’ve tweaked the default selection of crafting and cooking ingredients to work better when using up the last of your ingredients.
  • You can now craft build multiple crystal balls and writing desks for your sanctum.
  • Feedy will stop work if unable to feed a pregnant animal.
  • Fixed animal gifting button not working when the language is set to Turkish.
  • Fixed ducks and chickens sometimes stuck not animating.

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