Nintendo have never been quiet about their distaste for illegal emulation but following the leak of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo have been cracking down harder on non-official emulation.

As you can see in the Tweet above the Dolphin emulator’s release on Steam has been indefinitely postponed due to Nintendo issuing a DMCA to the steam page. The Dolphin emulator is most famous for allowing emulation of Gamecube and Wii titles, a service Nintendo is currently not offering outside of a few select titles.

The Dolphin Team says they are currently examining their options and will offer a more detailed response sometime down the road, we will of course keep let you know when that happens.

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12M ago

The story has an update. Turns out Dolphin uses keys that Wii uses that Nintendo is using as justification to block Dolphin from Steam.

Dolphin's staff were warned about the Wii keys in 2020, but they chose to ignore it and Nintendo is now making Dolphin pay for it. I don't know if Dolphin will just cut the keys and reapply for Steam or if they'll stay independent (ie you can only get it from their site).