You might remember that back in early November, we shared the news that anyone trying to submit a Zelda-themed creation to the LEGO Ideas website would now be met with a message that reads, “we’ve already evaluated this IP and have determined that we can’t allow submissions based on it.” Specifically, LEGO says that a “license conflict” prevents them from doing so. You’d think that would be the end of all Zelda-related LEGO fan ideas, but apparently that’s not the case!

Somehow, a Legend of Zelda ‘Adventure Kit’ LEGO Idea set is currently in review. We’re not sure if there’s some sort of loophole here that allows the set or LEGO accidentally let this one slip through, but either way, the set is currently in review. That means fans can sit back and wait to see what LEGO do with this project.

In reality, it’s pretty much a given that LEGO will squash the idea based on what we discussed above. Still, you can keep fingers and toes crossed for a different outcome. Since it’s quite likely this set will never get made, why not enjoy it while you still can? Take a look at this fan-created set here.

This LEGO Legend of Zelda Adventure Kit, based on the original Legend of Zelda, comes with an Overworld complete with monsters, landscapes, a merchant, and a secret cave with a sword and the unforgettable Old Man. Also, beyond the Labyrinth entrance are 6 dungeon rooms.

The overworld comes off in 4 separate plates which rest atop the dungeon rooms stacked up. Each room has locations for pins and technic bricks to customize the order of rooms you’d like to setup. Lastly, as a centerpiece you’ll find a replica Zelda NES golden cartridge.

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1y ago

You can't submit new Zelda projects to Lego Ideas any more, but ones that were submitted before that change stayed up. This one has been up since last September.

This looks like a cool idea, but I imagine that the rule change means that it has no chance of getting approved anyway.


1y ago

I really like it. I imagine it could fold open to reveal a really neat Ganon fight or something.