Good Smile Company has released an absolute ton of Nendoroids over the years, and plenty of them have been game-related. That’s a trend set to continue, as Good Smile has pulled back the curtain on yet another round of Nendoroids based on some of your favorite game companies.

As part of WonHobby Gallery 2023 Spring, Good Smile showcased 4 more gaming Nendoroids in the works. The lineup, as seen in the gallery above, is as follows:

  • Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Yoshizawa Nendoroid “Phantom Thief Ver.”
  • OMORI Nendoroid
  • Overwatch 2 Kiriko Nendoroid
  • Resident Evil 4 Leon S. Kennedy Nendoroid

Kasumi, OMORI and Kiriko have all made it to the prototype stage, while the Leon S. Kennedy Nendoroid only exists in artwork form for now. We’ll bring you news on the release dates and pre-order opportunities for these Nendoroids when that info is shared.

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