We’ve already shared a pair of accolade trailers for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so far, but those were for the EU and North America. Turns out the Aussie side of Nintendo has their own accolades round-up as well, which you can check out above.

It’s not surprising that praise for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has sprouted up all over the world. Many consider the game to be the best Nintendo has ever released, if not the best videogame ever made. That kind of talk would usually considered hyperbole, but in the case of Tears of the Kingdom, it’s at the very least, there’s a legitimate discussion to be had!

We’re thinking this is the final accolades trailer Nintendo will release for Tears of the Kingdom, but you never know. With so much good press out there, it’s hard not to keep spreading the word!

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1y ago

The best game ever made? That is a huge promise. I wonder if that will be the sound we hear a year or two from now.. Because we're still in hype peak era right now. I feel the true weighing will be later, when people begin to see what honestly is unfulfilled within this creation.


1y ago


I still consider Breath of the Wild to be one of the best games of all time, five years later. Some games have come out in that time that have utilized BotW's design philosophy to make excellent games, but those experiences haven't perfected those ideas in a way that's made BotW age poorly.

I have trouble imagining I'll feel much differently about TotK in five years time. The fact that this game can immerse me in a way that I am surprised at how long I've been playing is a testament to how great it is. I'm already 50 hours into the game and the novelty of discovering new things and the gameplay loop of "let me see what's over there" still has not worn off. It's similar to Civilization's "one more turn" loop that sucks a player in.