Yesterday, we got to take a look at the Survivor class in Evil Dead: The Game. Today, we get to look at the other side of the equation; the Demons.

While the Survivors are trying to (not surprisingly) survive, the Demons are out to make their day into a living hell. Check out details on each Demon class below.


  • big Deadites that can withstand and dish out a ton of punishment fast
  • the boss of the Warlord template is Henrietta
  • Henrietta is a hideous ghoul that can lock down a single survivor while destroying them
  • Henrietta can use a destructive belly flop and unleash area-of-effect toxic gas


  • focuses on possession
  • disable skill and crowd control abilities
  • Eligos is the boss unit of the Puppeteer
  • Eligos has limited invisibility


  • utilizes skeletal Deadites led by a skeleton flautist
  • flautists are vulnerable and don’t move, but provide a huge buff to other Deadites nearby
  • the boss of the Necromancer loadout is Evil Ash

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