It’s a drag when the weather ruins your plans. It’s even worse if you’re the hero of Starsand, where a giant sandstorm rips you from your friends and flings you into a mysterious wasteland where everything wants to kill you. The fight for survival begins today when Starsand launches at retail for Switch.

The sandstorm has dropped you in an unsettling place – not familiar enough to be home, but not alien enough that you’re ever sure of the fact. Earthly creatures mingle with frightening extraterrestrial beasts, and most of them want just one thing: you. For dinner. The weather wants you dead. Your body is prone to giving out in the heat, in the cold, and when you’re hungry, and it has a distressing tendency to crumble if you fall too far.

Living to see another day with your vital parts intact takes careful planning. The world of Starsand may be longing to end your days, but with the right amount of daring and ingenuity, you can survive and even thrive in this hostile place. Once you figure out a routine that works (read: keeps you alive), you’ll build elaborate shelters, turn the cranky lifeforms into a banquet fit for a warrior, and amass an impressive collection of resources and armaments to help you tackle any obstacle.

If you’re lucky, you might uncover Starsand’s deepest secrets and make it back home one day. If you’re really lucky, you can even make friends with a camel.

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