Dordogne 'A Colorful Palette of Emotions' Trailer

Looking more impossibly gorgeous than ever

30 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Today, Focus Entertainment and UN JE NE SAIS QUOI, part of UMANIMATION, released the enchanting “A Colorful Palette of Emotions Trailer” for their wholesome indie game Dordogne. The video presents Cédric Babouche, the visual artist behind the game, in an intimate account of his personal history with the South-of-France setting of the game and the hand-painted watercolor artistic direction used to give life to it.

Dordogne is a colorful and delicate narrative adventure about childhood memories, love and family that takes you to the radiant French countryside very soon—launching June 13th, 2023 for Switch.

Dordogne is the brainchild of French visual artist Cédric Babouche. In today’s “A Colorful Palette of Emotions Trailer”, he shares his emotional connection to the game, an immersive adventure where you’ll explore the breath-taking landscapes of Dordogne, in the South of France. This region is as dear to Cédric Babouche as the hand-painted aesthetic of the game. All of its mesmerizing sceneries were made using the watercolor style and technique he has been honing for thirty years, since he was a child.

Enjoy the second track of the unique music composed by Supernaive, these introspective sounds support the nostalgic and heart-warming journey to Dordogne. This exclusive single is part of Dordogne’s OST that will be released along with the launch of the game.

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