When Chris Pratt was revealed as the voice of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the internet lost its collective mind, and not in a good way. Many wondered why Charles Martinet wasn’t handling the voice, or at the very least, an actor who more fit into that style. Turns out actor Sebastian Maniscalco was wondering the same thing.

During an appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, Sebastian Maniscalco talked quickly about his work on The Super Mario Bros. Movie. You can hear Maniscalco’s work through Spike, who pops up quite early in the movie. Spike gets just a tiny bit of screen time in the film, but Maniscalco originally wanted a much meatier role in Mario.

In the clip below, you can see Sebastian talk about his audition for the voice of Mario in the film, and why it didn’t end up panning out.

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