Ahead of Splatoon 3’s Sizzle Season 2023 launch on June 1st, Nintendo continues to share looks at the new content this update will provide. Today they’ve lifted the curtain on a few updates, including the Fist Bump feature.

In Sizzle Season 2023, when you win a battle, the top 2 players in the team will bump their fists to congratulate each others for a game well played. You can see an example of that in the video above.

Along with that, Splatoon fans can look forward to some changes to the Lobby as well. For example, you’ll now be be able to access the Locker room, check out Ghosts and take a look at your notifications while matchmaking. Along with that, you can now order foods and drinks at the shop from Crab-N-Go and you can try your luck at the Shell-Out Machine in Anarchy Battle (Open) before selecting “Ready!”.

Finally, SplatNet 3 is also getting a new feature: the ability to create a Private Battle group in advance and share the invitation via social media. Once you’ve created a group, or received an invite, simply select Private Battle in the lobby to join.


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