Ravenswatch 'Geppetto' trailer

This guy's pulling all the strings

31 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

NACON and Passtech Games are delighted to release another video for Ravenswatch, a cooperative roguelite for up to four players, inspired by famous tales and legends from all over the world. This video puts the spotlight on Geppetto, the seventh fallen hero to join Ravenswatch, along with his puppets.

Geppetto has found the best way to compensate for the loss of his arm. Part hand-to-hand combatant, part ranged hero, the mad inventor can summon animated puppets to fight for him. Geppetto is no longer young, and his brand new creations are ready to fight!

One of the strengths of the carpenter is his ability to engage in combat, while taking the minimum of risks. Armed with his hammer and explosives, the newest member of the Ravenswatch sees each of his skills able to interact with both his enemies and his creations. For example, his attacks and combat techniques can be turned against his own puppets to heal them, protect them, or send them into battle.

Finally, Geppetto’s great weakness lies in his great dependence on his inventions. Even if the hero can stay away from danger, he will often have to get close to it to manipulate his henchmen.

Ravenswatch will come to Switch at some point in 2024.

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