We’re very sad to report that Japanese developer Vanpool has shuttered as of today, May 31st, 2023.

The official website for Vanpool has posted a notice saying that the business is ending operation as of today, which is quite the shock. Vanpool has teamed up with Nintendo and HAL multiple times over the years, and very recently contributed to Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe and Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Vanpool is also know for creating the Dillon’s Rolling Western series.

No reason was given for Vanpool’s closure, so we’ll have to look towards outside sources to get more insight on this unfortunate situation.

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12M ago

That is sad. :( I really enjoyed DIllon's Rolling Western.


12M ago

I kinda expected the company hardly made games that sold gangbusters like Alphadream.

A pity Nintendo didn't do something about their closure..


12M ago


Nintendo or HAL will likely adopt many of those workers however as a company Nintendo needs a good reason to support or even buy one that isn't succeeding at the moment. Being an independent studio is a double edged sword, the studio leaders that make the decisions hold a lot of responsibility to keep things going and sometimes failures happen. As a Nintendo fan I would want them to buy up or invest in their struggling partners but I have to be realistic as well.

I agree. Nintendo would rather keep a close affiliation with Vanpool rather than buying them.