Look into the past before stepping into the future with Adaman & Leafeon! The leader of the Diamond Clan from the Hisui region has mysteriously arrived on Pasio amidst the threat of space-time distortions—dangerous zones where wild Pokémon sporadically appear from different eras of time. Are these distortions the result of almighty Dialga—or more importantly, can they be stopped? In the island’s time of need, Pasio’s Trainers may have to enlist the help of an unlikely ally.

With their powerful passive skill Time Flows over Hisui, Adaman & Leafeon are a Grass-type tech sync pair that makes the weather sunny the first time they enter battle. With their buddy move, B Razor Leaf, they can also lower their target’s Grass Type Rebuff by one rank, as well as their Defense by one stat rank when the weather is sunny. Given all their experience with ancient Pokémon battles, Adaman & Leafeon are as clutch as it comes with Clutch Critical, which almost guarantees all their moves will result in critical hits! Adaman & Leafeon are available to scout until July 9, 2023, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

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