Entergram has lined up two separate visual novels for release on Switch in Japan on the same day; September 28th, 2023.

Both Floral Flowlove and Girls Frantic Clan are seeing digital and physical release on Switch, with Floral Flowlove priced at 6,578 yen and Girls Frantic Chan costing 8,778 yen. A 10,978 yen limited edition of Floral Flowlove will also be available, which includes three acrylic layer frames. A 10,978 yen limited edition of Girls Frantic Clan was also revealed, which includes the maxi single theme song CD “An error occurred. (Vo.Kyoka),” a newly recorded drama CD, a B2 tapestry, and a Lycee OVERTURE promotional card.

Finally, Entergram will release a “Saga Planets Four-Game Set” for Switch on Sept. 28th, 2023 for 19,800 yen. This includes Floral Flowlove, Hana Saki Work Spring!, Karumaruka Circle, and Hatsuyuki Sakura.

For details on both Floral Flowlove and Girls Frantic Clan, you can find a story synopsis for each title below.

Floral Flowlove

On that day, I saw an angel.

“If you become a lover with a person who is like an angel, you will definitely enjoy your daily life like you were in heaven.”

Originally, Saisu Masataka did not believe in things like angels or fate. But, he got locked on completely by one of the “angels”.

Mihato Kano is his childhood friend, and one of the top ojousamas at their school. Even though he gets showered by her love every day, it still feels like they’re on a completely different level.

Kano’s best friend, Tokisaka Nanao, is a black-haired girl with a model’s appearance. Because of her indifferent and feisty personality, she is called a tsundere angel.

Adelheid von Bergstrasse is an actual princess. Her singing voice is so good that it’s compared to an angel’s, but she needs to be taken care of and is naturally a sleepyhead. Tsubaki Kohane is a Christian, and is called an angel because of her kind personality.

“Hmm… on a second thought, don’t I have some kind of a relationship with them all?”

But it seems to be fate, that he has a small secret.

By looking at a person, he can see wings on them. When they are good, an angel’s wings will show, and when they are bad, a devil’s will show.

That had started in his childhood When he saw the wings of angel for the first time ever.

Girls Frantic Clan

“I’m the only one who gets physically transported in a online game, repeating the same process of returning to reality when I die in the game world every day. Also, I can’t see my stats or anything. I mean, I’m so weak that I can die just from falling down. What’s the meaning of this?”

Shikigi Yuuri is a temporary teacher at the Nijou Crane Academy, the real-life setting of the school. On the day he first set foot in the school, he traveled to the world of “XR,” a online game operated by the school, and a few hours later he safely returned to reality after he died in the game.

Since then, he was cursed: each day after school, he returns to the game world against his will, and if he dies in the game world, he returns to reality. Not to mention that all his students that play the game are… all quite frantic.

He has no true friends, and no one is in their right mind. And yet, he continues to fight day in and day out to break the curse. However, he doesn’t have the strength to fight, so he needs to cooperate with some of his students, giving orders from behind the lines:

  • Eiko – An assassin with an obsession of killing the protagonist.
  • Suika – A saintly woman who will even kidnap the weak to protect them.
  • Minami – A self-paced mage with an obsessive thirst for knowledge.
  • Towa – A knight who never listens to anyone and wild-eyed young lady.
  • Kiki – The hero who does not care about saving the world.

Will he be able to escape from the game world?

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