Haiku the Robot has been updated with the ‘Obscure Information’ expansion. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Boss rush mode:

  • The ‘Trial of Steel’ features 3 different fight sequences; Mini-Bosses, The Creators, and All Bosses
  • Complete one of the 3 different modes; Underpowered, Haiku, or No Wrench to earn a Badge of Steel (there are 3 different badge tiers; Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
  • Practice individual fights in the Boss test room with the boss rush modifier applied
  • Percentage completion now tallies on top of your current score (maximum +15%)
  • New in-game achievements can be found under the settings menu

Patch notes

  • Corrupt mode: temporary health pickups respawn a lot faster
  • New boss fight: TV Boss
  • New boss fight: Elegy
  • New enemy: Core Carriers and Name Unknown reside in the new area
  • Boss: Buzzsaw boss should no longer fall through the floor
  • Boss: Virus no longer spawns the storm that moves across the screen
  • Enemy: Flying Motor Engines now fly toward the player when attacking
  • Enemy: Saw camera birds are now working on the factory floors
  • Enemy: Working laser bots have appeared in the factory
  • Player: Attack damage now increases each time a Creator powers up your sword
  • Player: Bomb damage has been increased and now scales with your sword strength
  • Player: The following chips also scale with your sword strength: Infinity Edge, Shock Wave, Shock Projectile, Bulb Relation, Sawblade, Self-Detonation, Electro-Emitter, Space Disturbance, Power Enhancer, and Electric Orbs
  • Player: Map percentage might drop a little because of the two new rooms which connect to the new area
  • Boss: Main storyline bosses scale according to your attack damage (no change)
  • Boss: Mini bosses have been adjusted to the new damage scaling (very minor change)
  • Enemy: Smaller enemy health has also been adjusted to the new damage scaling system (noticeable change)
  • New area: Old Arcadia which houses the entrance to the Boss Rush arena
  • Note: The new area unlocks after defeating all the bosses in the game, including the TV boss.
  • Lore: Creators’ lore expanded
  • Lore: Electron’s lair is slightly more hidden
  • Lore: Spare shells have appeared inside the Mainframe Vault
  • Lore: A monolithic structure has appeared in the main bunker hall
  • Lore: More inhabitants have appeared in Steam Town (Dad came back from getting )
  • Lore: Splunk now pays back the money you gave him earlier
  • Lore: Small dialogue updates to Mischievous, Elder Snail, and Helm-Crawlers’ lore tablet
  • Visual: Bomb pickup visual improvement
  • Visual: Zipline pickup visual improvement
  • Visual: Infected Helm-Crawler
  • Visual: More cameras have spawned near Big Brother’s lair
  • Visual: Mine spawn pods have appeared in the Water Ducts
  • Visual: More flowers have flourished in the Forgotten Ruins
  • And probably some other stuff that I’ve completely forgotten about…

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