Have you noticed Link getting some shiny new weapons, or maybe a few new Boss Bokoblins running around in Tears of the Kingdom? Well, there may be a reason for that.

For those of you who didn’t know, Breath of the Wild actually featured an invisible XP system, where link would “level up” throughout the game, seeing harder enemies and getting better gear the more you played. Interestingly, the same thing seems to happen in Tears of the Kingdom.

Austin John Plays made a great video explaining how this system works, but it’s important to note its mostly just speculation at this point, as there haven’t been any in-depth datamines of the game at this point. However, considering Breath of the Wild contained this same feature, theres a good chance Tears of the Kingdom’s system is quite similar. For a quicker rundown of the system, check out IGN’s video below!

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12M ago

I am loving TOTK so much! It's like they took BOTW and genetically modified it with Skyward sword and Diablo lol. Can't give the game developers enough kudos for the amazing work. Definitely Goty!