DESOLATIUM, a brand new point-and-click adventure game from developer Superlumen and publisher SOEDESCO, has been announced for Nintendo Switch. It will be available sometime in 2023, but release info beyond that is unknown. Check out the first teaser trailer above and gameplay details below via Gematsu.


Dive into the well-known myths of Lovecraft in a whole new way with this immersive, first-person, point-and-click, graphic adventure, with a taste of survival horror.

Investigate and Solve Mysterious Events

You will have to investigate mysterious events in order to find who is hiding behind all of the madness. But you may find something you were not looking for, since discovering what is happening will take you into a world of darkness, terror, and insanity, this is, a DESOLATED world.

Explore a New Lovecraftian Adventure

Be part, like never before, of an exciting mystery based on Lovecraft’s Mythos, full of puzzles, sects, and primordial deities.

Choose Your Destiny

You will have to walk in the shoes of four characters with four different paths and destinations… but, be careful! The decisions you make can have unexpected consequences that will lead you to different endings. Will you be able to avoid more murders? Will you find out who is behind or will you prefer to be part of some ritual? In DESOLATIUM you will set the course of the adventure.

The Story

Carter wakes up on a bed in a strange room. He can’t remember anything, not even his own name; when he looks around he suspects something is not right. He needs to escape from there and find out what is happening. When Carter’s friends discover that he has disappeared, the true journey begins. What if all the myths and creatures they had read about were real?

Get inside their head to investigate all the clues and hints, each with their unique abilities and characteristics. Will they be ready for what they may find? Will you be?

Key Features

  • 🎨 Comic and Collage Art Style
  • 🐙 Explore a new Lovecraftian adventure
  • 📍 Explore more than 14 levels based on real-world locations in 360°
  • 🔎 Investigate the mysterious events through 4 playable characters with their own mechanics
  • 🎵 Get Immersed in a thrilling graphic adventure with ambisonics audio

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