Entergram has announced that Higurashi When They Cry Hou will be getting “Higurashi When They Cry Origin“ DLC. This release is set for June 22nd, 2023 in Japan and is priced at 3,410 yen. The DLC will include the following:

Origin Mode – A new mode that changes the the scenario to the same single-episode structure as the original games, with re-recorded dialogue to bring the presentation closer to the original games.

Implemented a Feature to Switch Between Character Portrait Artwork – Switch beween character portrait artwork in Origin Mode. You can switch between PC Mode (featuring character portraits illustrated by Ryukishi07) and CS Mode (featuring character portraits from the console release) in the game’s settings.

New Opening Movie for Higurashi When They Cry Origin – Includes a new opening movie for Higurashi When They Cry Origin. The movie will also use either the PC Mode or CS Mode character portraits according to your settings.

Bonus Scenario “Mehagashi” Included with Full Voice-Overs – The bonus scenario “Mehagashi,” which was included with Higurashi When They Cry Hou+ for PC, appears on consoles for the first time with full voice-overs. (Only CS Mode can be used for this scenario.

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