Good Smile Company has announced that they’ve restocked a selection of Persona 5 Royal Nendoroids, and just like last time, they’re sure to go quickly.

Joker, Morgana, and Futaba Sakura Nendoroids have seen a stock replenishment, and all of them are available to pre-order starting today. These figurines will release in Japan come October 2023 and North America sometime in Q4 2023. Each Nendoroid will run you $43, and you have until July 6th, 2023 to lock in a purchase.

Joker comes with two face plates, his standard expression and a grinning expression. Additionally, his mask and interchangeable eye parts are included, making for a total of eight different possible expressions. Finally, Joker also comes with his knife and gun.

Morgana includes his eye and mouth parts, as they’re separately interchangeable and each come with four different options for a total of sixteen different combinations. Optional accessories include a slingshot and saber to recreate battle scenes, as well as parts to pose him in the finish pose of his “All-Out Attack” illustration.

Finally, Futaba Sakura comes with sitting parts which allow her to be displayed sitting at her keyboard, and three face plates including her standard expression, a downcast expression as well as a grinning expression. Optional parts include the real world version of Morgana, a potato snack as well as some cup yakisoba to display her in various different scenes.

If you’d like to take a closer look at any of these Nendoroids, you can find them all on the Good Smile shop.

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