MACROSS Shooting Insight was announced for Switch back at the start of the year, but we didn’t really have any details on the game itself. We recently got some story specifics, but today brings us a few details on the gameplay side of things.

Players will be able to select a pilot and Variable Fighter to make their way through stages, and layouts will change based on the pilots selected. Here’s the roster revealed so far:

  • Shin Kudo & VF-OA (from Macross Zero)
  • Gamlin Kizaki & VF-17S (from Macross 7)
  • Isamu Dyson & YF-19 (from Macross Plus)
  • Alto Saotome & VF-25F (from Macross Frontier)
  • Hayate Immelmann & VF-31J (from Macross Delta)

Each pilot has their own story, making for six original stories for players to work through. It appears all stories will relate to rescuing the missing songstresses and restoring peace to the galaxy.

Stages will feature multiple scenes and game types, depending on the character chosen. You can expect to encounter horizontal shooting, vertical shooting, and even 360-degree shooting. Finally, you’ll be fending off enemies from all throughout the Macross franchise.

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