It has been revealed that the Pikachu Talk app, which allows users to have conversations with fan favorite Pikachu, will no longer be accessible on Google Home/Assistant devices. Starting from June 13th, users will no longer be able to enjoy chatting with Pikachu on Google Home speakers, Chromecast with Google TV, and other Google Assistant-enabled devices.

At this point, if you attempt to engage Pikachu through your Google Home speaker or the Google Assistant app on Android or iOS devices, you will receive a message indicating the app’s unavailability after the date mentioned earlier. This development comes as Google has decided to remove third-party voice apps and games from their Home/Assistant platform.


It is important to note, however, that Pikachu Talk will continue to be accessible on Amazon Alexa devices, so if you own one of these, you’ll be able to continue enjoying some engaging conversations with Pikachu.

We salute you Pikachu Talk app, we will always remember your incredible performance of the Happy Birthday song!

Thanks to alienboyva for the heads up!

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