Today, premier horror games publisher DreadXP announced the release of the latest addition to its console port lineup. Independent developer Teebowah Games’ Game Boy-themed horror adventure Fishing Vacation is available now on Nintendo Switch!

Originally conceptualized for Fishing Horror Jam 2020 and released as an expanded standalone game on Steam in April 2022, Fishing Vacation is an uncomfortably moist micro-horror game that’s the vacation you’ve been waiting for! Part fishing adventure, part atmospheric horror with a good dose of humor, Fishing Vacation is an homage to Game Boy games of the past that’s filled with haunting discoveries.

In Fishing Vacation, you and your buddy have the keys to their uncle’s cabin up in the mountains near the best lake you’ve ever fished in! The ecology has changed since the last time that you visited, though. Uncle is nowhere to be found… but don’t let that stop you from reeling in a big one!

Over the span of three days, you’ll dig up your own worms and catch your own dinner as you uncover the mysteries of the vacant cabin and the whereabouts of your friend’s uncle and their family.

Fishing Vacation Key Features:

  • MOIST: Over 30 types of fish and creatures to catch
  • HA, AHH!: A humorously horrific story
  • REDO: More than three endings to unlock (roughly 30 mins to an hour per playthrough)
  • RETRO: Over ten color palettes to choose from

Fishing Vacation is available now on Nintendo Switch via the eShop for $1.99 USD.

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