Minabo - A Walk Through Life came to Switch back in late April, and you can pick it up now for $15. Wondering if the game is for you? Perhaps today’s accolades trailer will convince you!

Minabo - A Walk Through Life is a cozy indie title where players have to grow their own turnip and experience its whole circle of life from beginning to end by interacting with other turnips and the environment. Make friends, create a family, and take care of pets to establish relationships in quick playthroughs.

As life progresses, players will have to make hard decisions regarding their social interactions. Would they marry a turnip and have children, or would they rather stay single and take care of their parents in their final days? Minabo - A Walk Through Life is a pure (and hard) life metaphor!

Players will enjoy appealing visuals and charming characters for all audiences while completing 25 quests full of life-changing moments inspired by psychologist counselors involved in the development. Replay with Free Life Mode to change the path again, and share their life story on social media.

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