LEGO and SEGA recently revealed a slew of Sonic-related LEGO products on the way, but it turns out they were keeping one special set a secret until today. Pretty fitting news to share on SEGA’s 63rd anniversary!

LEGO has pulled back the curtain on their Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg Robot playset, and it’s set to launch on August 1st, 2023. Unfortunately, we don’t have the official pricing info just yet, but those details should come soon.

The villainous Dr. Eggman and his minion, Cubot, are capturing animals to power up their inventions. Can you launch Sonic in the speed sphere so he can rescue his animal friends? You’ll need to avoid the spikes to ensure a clean hit on Dr. Eggman and power down his mech. With Dr. Eggman out of action, Sonic and his friends can explore the research station to gather intel for their next mission.

If you’d like to get a closer look at this LEGO playset, you can find the official listing here.

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