Radirgy Swag originally came to the Switch back in 2019, but if you try to find the game right now on the Switch eShop, you’ll be completely out of luck.

Turns out Radirgy Swag was removed from the North American, Australian, and European Switch eShops back in April, but the game remains available on the Japanese Switch eShop. This is likely because the Japanese version was published by developer RS34, while all other versions were handled by Dispatch Games.

If the name Dispatch Games rings a bell, it also likely makes your stomach a bit uneasy. Dispatch Games has been haunted by complaints pretty much from year one, as the company promised multiple physical Switch releases that never came to be. For years on end, the company promised that things were going to be fixed up soon and packages would be sent out. Unfortunately, that was never the case.

Should Dispatch Games share an update on the status of Radirgy Swag on the Switch, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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