Columbus Circle has announced that they’re re-releasing Cotton 100% for the Super Famicom in Japan, and it’s set to launch sometime in Sept. 2023.

This cartridge reprint is priced at roughly $55 and comes with a box featuring brand-new artwork inspired by the original release. Also, to be clear, this re-release cartridge will indeed work in an original Super Famicom!

Cotton 100% originally released in 1994 and is a scrolling shmup from Success. The second installment in the Cotton franchise, it is a follow-up to Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. In the game, players assume the role of the titular young witch who, alongside her fairy companion Silk, sets out on her broomstick on a quest to defeat several monsters and get her Willow candy.

Best of all, Cotton 100% is being sold through Amazon Japan, so you can snag a copy for yourself! If you’d like to import this release, you can lock in your purchase here.

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