When Square Enix originally released the classic Final Fantasy titles on PC and mobile, many fans complained about the new font choice, which many felt detracted from the experience. With the jump of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series to Switch, Square Enix set out to address those complaints.

In an interview with Siliconera, Producer Naofumi Takuma detailed the work his team put into the fonts for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. You might not think font would take that much effort, but the truth is quite different.

We prepared pixel fonts for Western and Japanese language, which are particularly popular among the target audience.

For the Western languages font, we found some font data produced in-house, so we test-implemented them. These titles use one of them. I think it turned out to be a font that matches quite well.

We didn’t have any alternative data saved on file in-house for the Japanese language font, so we decided to create a new one. This was certainly the most difficult part. While the Western language font required us to create only a few hundred characters, with the Japanese font, we had to create around 7,500 characters.

[Producer Naofumi Takuma]

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