While Mario and Luigi got their evil counterparts in Wario and Waluigi decades ago, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy never saw the same treatment. Nintendo could surprise us one day with a set of dastardly doppelgängers, but for now the closest we’ll get is 1994 manga.

Back with the release of Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins for the Game Boy, Nintendo also partnered up for a manga release in Japan. That manga happens to feature Daisy, who becomes the unfortunate target of a Wario scheme.

In the tweet above, you can see images of Daisy in that Super Mario Land 2 comic. In the comic, Daisy ends up getting brainwashed by Wario, which results in her taking on a lot of Wario’s characteristics. The images clearly showcase that, as Daisy looks pretty off-kilter, and she’s obviously gotten a newfound appreciation for comically-sized loot bags!

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