More than a few of us have gotten noise complaints over playing videogames. Be it from parents or neighbors, sometimes we have our game volume too loud and it ends up disrupting the peace for those around us. That’s what happened with one Tiktoker out there, but in a decidedly more embarrassing way.

The video above features a Tiktoker talking about a noise complaint they got from a neighbor, but it’s one that initially didn’t make any sense to them. The complaint was about being able to hear ‘adult content’ coming through the wall, which confused the person the complaint was against. They hadn’t had anyone in their apartment for ‘quality time’ recently and they weren’t watching any adult films with speakers on blast…so what was up?

After a bit of thinking, it finally clicked from them. The person who received the complaint realized that their neighbor was actually complaining about them playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! The source of the complaint in-game were none other than the Great Fairies.

If you’ve played Tears of the Kingdom (or really any Zelda game since Ocarina of Time), you know the Fairies are extremely enthusiastic when you meet them. They are quite loud and tend to exert themselves vocally in some rather interesting ways. This is exactly what the neighbor was hearing, and they thought it was a real woman having the time of her life next door!

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12M ago

HAHAAHAH. Oh this is just too good =D


12M ago

That is so American...