Most of the time, when you have a game that’s incredibly successful, the publisher behind it trumpets that success through press releases, social media campaigns and more. That hasn’t been the case with Square Enix, which is the publisher behind PowerWash Simulator.

You might be surprised to know that Square Enix is behind PowerWash Simulator, as their Square Enix Collective publishing label helped get the game out the door. PowerWash Simulator has also been a huge success, having moved over 7 million units worldwide. So…with all the success, why hasn’t Square Enix been out in front of the game more? That’s all by design, according to Timea Edvi, director of indie publishing at Square Enix, who spoke on the matter in an interview with Games Industry.

It is in our DNA – and I speak for the whole team here – that we really want to always want to put the devs and the game in focus. It’s less about the Collective. Of course, we’re proud of it. But it was intentional, not putting the Collective branding into the focus because we wanted the games and the teams behind it to be in the focus. That continues to be the case.

…Now we’ve landed on this strategy of focusing on teams, building relationships and helping them make, publish and market their games. PowerWash is the manifestation of all these learnings and the years of evolution. But we’re not stopping. We can’t really have a strategy and stick to it, because that’s not how the industry works for indies. We need to keep changing and learning and looking for new ways to support these teams.

[Timea Edvi, director of indie publishing at Square Enix]

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