Spoiler alert! If you saw The Super Mario Bros. Movie and stayed all the way past the credits, you know there’s a very clear tease for another film down the line. Today, it seems there might be at least two more movies coming down the pipe.

Jérémie Covillault is the actor behind Bowser in the French version of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and he’s done a quick video interview concerning numerous elements of the film. At the 4:40 mark in particular, Covillault makes quick mention that fans can expect the Mario movies to turn into a trilogy, which is the first we’ve heard of that anywhere.

It’s certainly unclear where Covillault got the information from, but as he’s a voice actor on the first film, you’d think he’d at least have some insight into where things are going. Nintendo and Universal are yet to confirm any follow-up plans for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and even with a sequel teased in the first film, this is the first we’ve heard of a trilogy.

Even though this information comes from a legitimate, trustworthy source, please don’t take it as 100% confirmed. There’s always a chance the actor could have gotten their information wrong or misspoke in some way. We’ll consider this one plausible for now, but wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo/Universal on the matter.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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12M ago

If they don't duplicate that NES Mario 3 commercial when they do, I swear...

Not to mention a double feature with The Wizard for some reason


12M ago

I’d suspect voice actors have been contracted in to work on up to 3 movies. That doesn’t mean that a trilogy is definitely happening, it’s common for actors to get contracted into future works that never happen.

That said, given the success of the first movie, a sequel is pretty much guaranteed and future instalments will continue as long as there is profit to be made (gestures to Fast and Furious franchise)