Resident Evil 0 gets a fan-made PS1-style demake

The horror (of fewer polygons)!

05 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

While Capcom may be focused on big-budget remakes of classic Resident Evil games, one modder has decided to take one decades-old installment in the series and work backwards.

El Rincon del Lobezno is one of the Resident Evil fans who’s been toiling away on a PS1-style demake of Resident Evil 0. You might remember that Resident Evil 0 originally launched on the GameCube back in 2002, and Capcom could very well make an updated remake some day. Until then, fans can now check out what the game would have been like had it released on the original PlayStation.

While Resident Evil 0 is certainly visually ahead of what the PS1 could do, the gameplay mechanics were extremely close to what you found in the PS1-era Resident Evil games. That’s what makes this demake such an appealing proposition, as from a playability standpoint, everything that worked on GameCube has no problems when ported down to PS1.

We may never see another Resident Evil in the franchise’s “classic” formula, which means demakes like this are the only way for diehard old-school fans to get their fix. It may not be a wholly-new adventure, but it’s still a new way to play!

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