Publisher SayGames and developer Estoty have announced they’re bringing My Little Universe to Switch sometime in 2023. No pricing or file size details have been shared at this time.

Crash-land on an island in the middle of an ocean on a far-away planet with nothing but a mighty pickaxe in hand. Transform a small piece of land into an entire flourishing world. Chop down trees for wood, mine for precious metals and minerals, and search for other useful supplies with new additions to the ever-expanding map. Manage resources to widen the terrain, upgrade tools and equipment to traverse the cosmos and explore other other planets.

Create entire continents by growing, digging, slashing, crafting, and more. Unlock new tiles, discover new locations, and strengthen the five different types of gear. Level up and become a master at gathering materials, boosting efficiency by increasing the power of the pickaxe and other instruments. Meet other adept crafters to help convert the world’s bounties into substantial reserves for varied uses. Journey across ten different planet worlds, each with their own goods to discover, buildings to construct, and enemies to encounter.

Keep a sword at the ready, as each new hex of land may hide new monsters. Eight species of enemies, including alien fungi, brutish ogres, and towering treefolk, stand to put an end to the planet’s evolution and guard unique rewards! Slice through them with a properly smithed sword, or chip away at them with evasive tactics. Cruising through the different realms of existence can be lonesome… Call on up to three friends to help travel across the multi-dimensional planes and reveal the secrets scattered across the depths of space.

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