RoboCop: Rogue City is an upcoming RoboCop game that is very squarely aimed at fans of the classic trilogy of films. They’re even bringing back Peter Weller to reprise his role as RoboCop!

Fans of those classic films know that the RoboCop trilogy is incredibly violent. The original RoboCop even had trouble securing an R rating at first, as it was deemed to violent for that classification! The two follow-up films in the original trilogy keep the violence incredibly high as well, and RoboCop: Rogue City will definitely be doing the same.

In an interview with, game director Piotr Łatocha shared that the dev team was always looking to create a Mature-rated experience that would match up with what film fans are expecting. The game hasn’t gotten its ESRB rating just yet, but it seems like a Mature classification is all but a lock.

“Based on the first films, we were sure that we wanted to not be limited by the Teen rating or something like that. We knew that it was going to piss off the fans immediately if they learned that we had to take those trade-offs.

We definitely wanted to make a mature game, but what we really wanted was to portray the kind of violence from the films, that you’re not limited with that. But I don’t think we needed to do any special cuts. That’s the good thing. What we really wanted to show in the game might [earn] the rating that we’re probably going to get. It’s 18, basically. It’s enough to show what we wanted.”

[Game director Piotr Łatocha]

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