Serenity Forge and one-man development powerhouse Dingaling Productions return to the dark, hyper-masculine and obscure world of Olathe with their announcement of LISA: Definitive Edition. The Definitive Edition is an updated and remastered collection of the life-ruining, indie RPGs LISA: The Painful and LISA: The Joyful, coming to Nintendo Switch for the first time.

After a mysterious event known only as the “White Flash” wipes out all women in existence, warlords, imbeciles and perverts are left to rule the world of Olathe. Follow Brad’s relentless journey through the barren wasteland making sacrifices and cutting off arms to save party members, fighting through countless unique monster and enemy encounters, beating up old friends and past traumas and doing whatever it takes to save his daughter, the last girl alive…

LISA: Definitive Edition brings new content and nightmares to the game with:

  • HD graphics and pixel-perfect int scaling.
  • 120 FPS mode for PC and current-gen consoles.
  • Brand-new campfire conversations, allowing you to mourn the deaths of party members even more.
  • New enemy and boss fights.
  • New quests featuring never before seen battles and dialogue.
  • Brand-new stories with multiple endings.
  • Updated battle systems introducing new “Warlord Skills,” updated timed attacks and UI overhaul.
  • New border art overlays for wide-screen viewing.
  • A new music player to listen to your favorite tracks and 20+ new Definitive Edition-exclusive songs.
  • Painless (easy) mode for players looking for an easier time.
  • Controller features utilizing Nintendo Switch HD Rumble, PlayStation DualSense haptics, light bar, adaptive triggers and DualShock 4/DualSense speaker audio.
  • 12 new localized languages.
  • And even more secrets to explore.

LISA: Definitive Edition hits Nintendo Switch on July 18, and you can pre-order now for $25.

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