Pokemon GO Trainers recently suspected something funny was going on with the shiny rates in a Remote Raid, and it turns out they were 100% correct.

Niantic has taken to Twitter to reveal that there was a technical issue tied to shiny rates for those who were using a Remote Raid pass. Following the discovery of the issue, Niantic has promised to make up for things with a special event and more. You can see the full details below.

Trainers, we have resolved a technical issue affecting the shiny appearance rate for Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf in Remote Raids. We apologize for this and will share details about a special Raid event on the Pokémon GO blog soon.

Impacted Trainers will also be granted a Remote Raid Pass for each one used in these Raids during the affected time, plus 1 extra directly to their Pokémon GO account.


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