SacriFire was originally set to launch in 2022, but developer Pixelated Milk announced a delay that would push the game to 2023. Halfway into the year and we’re still waiting on a firm release date, but today gives us as new trailer that shows the title is coming along quite nicely. Give the gameplay video above a watch and see for yourself!

SacriFire is a modern JRPG-inspired game with a unique battle system, rich story, fantastic visuals and music by Motoi Sakuraba. The game merges real-time and turn-based styles to provide a fluid experience that is both challenging and satisfying. Fight alongside companions, choose from multiple weapons, target individual enemy body parts, and string attacks together to create elaborate combos.

SacriFire’s original story aims to both respect and subvert the standard RPG tropes, so although you’ll feel right at home with our cast of lovable characters, you’ll never know what to expect next! Travel between the sprawling subterranean city of Antioch and the idyllic spirit paradise of Erebus in a well-developed game universe which includes elements of both fantasy and science-fiction.

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1y ago

Backed this so have tested the demo from earlier this year, kinda fun but i hope the depth gets a bit better, and maps as well(as the backtracking in that one dungeonlike was harder than it had to be) but i think they got feedback on both those things so thats neat. Looking forward to its release .